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Build a Boat  Downeast style meets the future.  Style and speed from one of America’s great builders.  The center console at the next level.  A splendidly built range of crossover Bay and Ocean Center Consoles.  Fast cruising with euro flair.  Building amazing boats for a long time.  If you sail you click.  Powerboats that go to sea by George Buehler. Read his book.  Powerboats and motorsailers that have gone everywhere.  A Maine boatbuilder and repairer you should know.  Great-grandsons of Pappy Frost, the Wizard of Beals. Some great videos of the lobster hull at speed.  The Grand Compromise flagship.

Buy stuff for your boat  Obersheimer Sailor Supply. Just what it sounds like.

Learn stuff  A great place to start looking for your offshore sailboat.  Name says it all  A fresh take on what makes a good offshore powerboat. The Dashews are a great resource.  This has a ton of stuff on it, including boat reviews.  This has capsule descriptions of many boats, useful when starting a search.  The gold standard in yacht search Multiple Listing Services.  The magazine that thought I could write.  Another magazine with the same delusion.  This is a local blog about happenings around our office location.  This is a link shared shared with me by a young boat enthusiast.


Email me  Sometimes I take criticism well. Leave the subject line as is to get through.  This is where I hang out. Additional contact info here.

marmac093 - Version 2

This is the twin screw Hinckley 42 foot powerboat Marmac built in 1938, later named Victoria III. I last saw her in the 1980's in Florida. I hope she is still afloat. The name Marmac is a combination of the names of the owner's two children, Martha and Macomber, both now deceased. Martha was my mother. Becoming a boat nut starts early.

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