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Sabre Sail

Selling a valuable asset like a yacht is a complex process.  You selected it for a set of reasons that were particular to your needs: how and where the boat would be used, how often, with or without a crew, where it would be kept, budget for initial purchase and subsequent maintenance, features that were kid-friendly or age-friendly, and on and on.

Now that the time has come to sell, a buyer must be found who values those features and their benefits in much the same way you did.  Yachts are not commodities, their options and equipment make each unique, and wide exposure to a national or sometimes an international market is needed to find the buyer who recognizes the unique blend of qualities that your boat represents.

North Point Yacht Sales has deep experience in matching clients with just the right boat, and has seen the marketing methods and media change dramatically over time.  We are proud of our record of staying ahead of the curve as yacht marketing has moved from being predominantly print based to internet based.  Print is still important, a yachting magazine has a life on the coffee table and an ad by North Point drives the prospects to the North Point Web site, increasingly so by simply scanning a code on the ad with a smart phone or tablet.

The emergence of multiple listing services (MLS), such as Yachtworld, as the leading engines to reach potential buyers worldwide, has permanently altered the playing field and North Point has been at the forefront of that change.  This technology has also provided information for sellers and buyers as to the accurate value of a boat since the national market for comparable yachts can be accessed in an instant.


How We Do It - Marketing 101: The Sequence of the Sale

(1) Attention.  Every successful sale begins with the product, in this case your boat, coming to the attention of a prospective buyer.  We get your listing up on multiple MLS sites nearly immediately to expose your boat to the continuous traffic to the MLS sites, as well as to the North Point proprietary site.  Your boat immediately benefits from North Point’s regional and national advertising, which has continued strongly through the recent economic downturn.  Many brokerage houses have curtailed or eliminated print advertising since 2008 but not North Point.  While every seller likes to see his or her boat in print, what is more important in the internet age is that North Point’s advertising is continuous, consistent, and attention grabbing for prospective buyers, and draws them to the North Point website.  We participate in regional and national boat shows, social media, fishing tournaments, rendezvous, and invitation only showings.

(2) Interest.  We are expert in preparing a listing that showcases your boat and its unique features.  Our experience can help you bring your boat up to show condition and showcase it in an appealing setting.  The comprehensive listing, careful staging, good photography, and showcasing at our office locations all develop a prospective buyer’s interest in your boat.

(3) Evaluation.  An experienced and professional yacht broker can take a prospective buyer through the evaluation process, helping him or her understand how a boat’s features will fit with that buyer’s particular set of interests and needs.  All boat purchases represent a set of compromises; an experienced broker with a life in boats is the best guide in this complex evaluation.  We work with other top brokerage houses in the country to help them evaluate our listings for their clients.

(4) Decision.  After the evaluation process, North Point’s experience with surveyors, financing, insurance, transportation, and professional crew all serve to bring the process to a favorable conclusion.  Often the purchase process gets derailed at the end because of these items; North Point’s breadth of experience, built on many transactions, keeps the process moving by removing the impediments to a decision.

Let Us Sell Your Boat: The Next Steps

Choose a broker.  Come to our offices, meet our people.  You will see our strengths.  Our boating life is what we do, we live it every day. I hope you will favor me with your business, but there may be considerations such as location or the particular yacht in question that would lead me to recommend a colleague.

Meet with the broker on your boat and develop the details of the listing and help the broker take preliminary photos.  Provide any top notch photos you have of your boat.

Discuss the price and review the broker’s documentation of similar recent sales.  The current economy and ease in researching comparable sales mean that the price needs to be right.  Too high a price will cut off the process at the interest stage (#1 above).

Clean and clear the boat of extraneous items. A buyer needs to be able to see the boat clearly; lockers full of personal gear that are not part of the boat’s inventory interfere with the evaluation phase and can stop the process in its tracks.  Even most items which will convey are better stored ashore and a list left with the broker. The broker can now re-photograph the boat if necessary.

Sabre Interior

Keep your broker informed of the boat’s location and any changes in condition.  Better yet, move it to our facility.  At your option we can set up a schedule to keep it clean or refinished as needed. Don’t worry about using the boat. Having to tell a potential buyer that you are cruising for a few days simply indicates that the boat is in a ready-to-go condition.

Let us do our job.  We will publish the listing worldwide, advertise to get the attention of buyers, present your boat in a way to secure their interest, guide them through the evaluation, and smooth the path to a decision.

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