May 14, 2014


A lovely example of my favorite boat went by, the Hinckley 49 from the mid-70's. Not the most graceful of Hinckleys, but a decent sailer (has a B-40 bronze centerboard), a decent displacement powerboat, well-mannered offshore, confortable, and exquisitely built. I wish I knew her original name, I probably did the final inspection, rigged her and took the owner on the first sail. At least one of the 49's circumnavigated.


From a few day's ago: the Columbus Foundation's PINTA stops over in Norfolk on the way to St Michaels.


One of the Elizabeth River Ferries "steams" past the office. There are three; usually just one is in service on the half hour round trip to Norfolk. A second gets pressed into service during summer events and a third runs to the ballpark for the AAA Norfolk Tides games. It is a cool city where you can ride to the mall, the ball park, restaurants or work on the ferry and not need a car at either end; even cooler that the ride is 75 cents when you're over 60.

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